My Better Desktop

My Better Desktop 1.0.16

Create photo collages for your desktop


  • Creates collages on your desktop
  • Allows you to preview designs
  • Fairly easy to use


  • Setup takes some time
  • Requires Desktop Background running in the background


There are plenty of desktop wallpaper editors out there but few that actually allow you to create collages and spreads of your own photos.

My Better Desktop is designed to do exactly this by allowing you to not only to make collages of your own photos on your desktop, but also turn your desktop into an information center with data such as satellite weather, traffic updates and webcams.

When you download the app, you're actually getting two packages in one. My Better Desktop is the main application and works as a layout designer. With this, you can organize your desktop as you want it, before applying the changes for real. Simply drag-and-drop photos onto the desktop wallpaper until you're happy with it.

The second app is Desktop Background which you have to run quietly in the background for the design you've made to take effect. It's a bit annoying that you need this to run My Better Desktop but the sophistication of the program means that it can't integrate simply with your default wallpaper manager. It does offer some useful tools though such as the possibility to adjust background positions or pause and resume the display. It is however very lightweight and doesn't affect the running of the rest of your system.

My Better Desktop is a great way to freshen up your desktop or add more than just photos to it. The setup process is a bit long winded but it's worth the hassle.

My Better Desktop


My Better Desktop 1.0.16

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  • by Anonymous

    Nice tool.
    Good concept to customise your desktop with your own pictures. Installed the trial version, no worrie...   More